Are these available in a triple-toon set up? 

-Yes, they are all made in a triple-hull configuration. 

What's the starting price? 

-They can go as cheap as $40,000 for a basic smaller boat with a small motor.

What's the smallest boat? 

-6 ft wide and 18 ft long when closed, and opening up to just shy of 12 ft wide.

How big can I build one?

-Within reason you can have one built any length and any width.

What powers the sliding motion?

-316 stainless steel actuators. German engineered and designed for extreme weather conditions including saltwater submersion.

How much horsepower can be put on one of these boats? 

-The fiberglass version is getting TWIN 350's for 700 horsepower. More is possible if desired.

When can I get one of these boats?

-We are currently taking orders and building now. Typically it is a few months of lead time as each boat is custom made.

Do you do in-house financing? 

-At this time we do not. We will be looking into that in the near future.